Yvonne Menzel

I am a qualified clinical psychologist, cognitive behavioural therapist, EMDR practitioner and traumatherapist. Since finishing my studies at Utrecht University in 1994 I have worked in many fields of healthcare and have gained expertise in a large variety of psychological problems. I started in a psychiatric hospital for the elderly, after that I worked in a rehabilitation center, a general hospital, an expertise center for traumatreatment, a national and international crisis support team and in a specialised clinic for treatment of complex PTSS.

I am a holistic practitioner, embracing mind, heart and body with an intention of bringing all these elements into homeostasis. This is for me an important point of view in my professional- as well as in my private life. Being a psychologist you can see me as your personal navigation system: I can show you the way, I can help you decide your goal, but you must do the driving yourself. The techniques I use in my treatment programs include cognitive and sensory motor techniques, EMDR, relaxation and mindfulness. I am comfortable in speaking English as well as German.

Yvonne Menzel
Psychologenpraktijk Westerhaven